Dear Jake Modern Maternity Wear

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Birth of Dear Jake Maternity Wear

This is the month Dear Jake Modern Maternity Wear was established.
I am delighted to announce that selling quality modern maternity woud be launched in Sept 06.

I have finally quited my job and started my life long business doing things I enjoy.
Life is short and if I do not seize the chance to make use of the rest of my remaining productive years, I would definitely hate myself when I turn 50. So here I am, a brand new comer to the business world. Armed only with the belief that I could be successful, had formed alliance with a great partner. We aimed to be VERY successful, making a million in the first year of business, and appearing in magazines. Haha it sounds like a dream, but we've got to make it happen. $1M tranlates into selling 17 pants a day at least. The goal seems unreachable but if breaking it down into smaller goals. Why can't we sell 16 pair of pants worldwide everyday? We have got to make it happen! Visit our blog visit often and check on our progress.